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AirP2P ICO Review

As more and more applications become cloud-based, offices and homes are becoming increasingly more empty. All data, such as photos, videos, files, documents, and games are now stored in the cloud. This is of course great news for people who are fans of simple living. But what are the limits to the cloud, and can they be pushed? AirP2P is an exciting new ICO that promises the cloud can be used for much more than it is currently being used for.  No longer will people be constrained by their computer’s lack of processing power, and you no longer need to break the bank by purchasing a new computer every time you want to use a new app or game. 

What is AirP2P?

AirP2P is a platform that will solve a problem many people are facing today: they need a more powerful computer. Technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and new video quality, game specifications, and apps require more and more powerful machines to run them. Not everyone can afford to purchase a new computer or device every six months, so it can become hard to keep up. But if you do not have a powerful computer, you will miss out on using that really cool app or playing that really exciting new game. AirP2P is a solution to this problem. 

How does AirP2P work?

The premise of AirP2P is simple: by connecting to their network, you will be able to utilize virtual computers that are located somewhere else. Just like you are storing your data in a remote data center on hard drives owned by the cloud company, you can use the computing power provided by the AirP2P network and have access to an incredibly powerful processor without having to own one. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you will be able to tap into the AirP2P network from any device, whether it is Android, iOS, PC or Mac. You will then be able to play games that require computers more powerful than the one you own.

What about the tokens?

You have probably guessed how the token system will work on AirP2P. If you do not have a high-end computer, but do have a high-speed internet connection, you can use the P2P tokens to rent the computing power from other users. Are you one of the lucky people who own a high-end computer, but you feel like it is not being used as much as it could, you can earn P2P tokens by joining the AirP2P network of computers. Other users will then pay you to rent your computer’s processing power.

Token details:

PRE SALE: 18 MAY 2018 – 3 JUN 2018 (1.0 ETH = 893750.0 P2P)
PUBLIC SALE: 3 AUG 2018 – 15 SEP 2018 (1.0 ETH = 687500.0 P2P)
TOTAL TOKENS: 33,000,000,000

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