Akon launches his own cryptocurrency

Akon might not be topping the charts every week like he used to, but he has been very prolific in his charitable endeavors. Most notably, his Lighting Africa project successfully brought solar energy to Africa. Now, he will be launching his very own cryptocurrency at the Cannes Lions event. Similar to his Lighting Africa project, Akon hopes that the cryptocurrency project will help Africans all over the continent.

Cryptocurrency could help combat corruption

During a panel discussion, Akon explained why he felt like bringing cryptocurrency to African nations is important. According to him, African leaders are not doing a good job looking after their own people. There is a lot of corruption and inequality that makes it difficult for the average African to get a solid economic foundation. Akon believes that cryptocurrency is a good solution that will help alleviate some of these issues.

Prepare for AKoin

Whilst other celebrities like Steven Seagal and Dennis Rodman are merely the faces of other people’s cryptocurrencies, Akon wants to be the face of his own cryptocurrency. There is also no doubt as to who came up with the concept, as the token will be called AKoin. Akon makes no pretense to be an expert on the subject and stated that all the technical aspects of the project will be handed over to professionals.

Plans to build an Akon Crypto City

Akon has plans that stretch much further than the launch of a simple cryptocurrency token. According to the website for Akon’s cryptocurrency, his team is planning on building an entire city in Senegal. Naturally, the currency used in this city will be the AKoin. The city will be 2,000 acres of land and has been donated to Akon by the president of Senegal. The city will be located near Dakar, which is the capital of Senegal and the city in which Akon was born. Akon Crypto City will be the first of its kind, and hopefully, it will make a positive difference.

A presidential run is also on the horizon

One would think that launching your own currency and building an entire city would be enough for one person. Not for Akon. In addition to these two projects, the singer is also toying with the idea of moving into American politics. Akon cites his opposition to Donald Trump and Kanye West as his main reason for wanting to participate in the political life. The prospect of Donald Trump running a second term and Kanye West running for president has spurred Akon onto the idea of running himself. He has even laid out his strategy for how it would go during a potential campaign. He predicts that his criticisms of Trump will lead Kanye to attack Akon. Likewise, Akon’s criticisms of Kanye will attract the ire of Trump, who will then attack Akon as well. The goal of this is for Akon to be the center of attention during the presidential debates. The only problem Akon has not planned how to deal with is the fact that only people born on US soil can run for president.



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