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ChangeNOW ICO Review

There was a time back in 2009 where Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency on the market. Today, less than a decade later, there are over 1500 different kinds of cryptocurrency tokens — and counting. The rise of cryptocurrencies has led to the creation of numerous exchanges, which work much like foreign exchanges for fiat currencies. However, as many recent news stories have proven, these exchanges are not immune to hacking incidents. As a matter of fact, the hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 has increased drastically. This is not very reassuring for neither the exchanges nor the users who have all their personal details registered with them. Not only could all parties lose their money, their personal data could also be leaked. With this in mind, it is refreshing to see an ICO like ChangeNOW, which promises to solve this problem. 

What is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW could be described as a cryptocurrency exchange, but it works a bit differently from what most traders will be used to. With ChangeNOW, users do not need to register any personal details, as all exchanges are done anonymously. All that is needed is a digital wallet and some cryptocurrency, and users can freely exchange them for over 200 other tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. As opposed to other exchanges, ChangeNOW does not put a minimum or maximum cap on the amounts that are being exchanged. Perhaps most importantly, the exchange can happen within minutes. This makes it a particular option for traders who are looking to respond to market changes quickly.

How does ChangeNOW work?

Once a user has a digital wallet with some cryptocurrency tokens in it, they simply select the cryptocurrency they want to exchange their for from the list of 200 tokens on ChangeNOW. They then enter the address of their digital wallet, confirm the address, and then deposit the amount their want to exchange into a wallet address provided to them by ChangeNOW. Once this is done, ChangeNOW will search the ten most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for the best exchange rate, and complete the exchange. The new cryptocurrency tokens will then be sent to the user’s wallet. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Essentially, users give ChangeNOW cryptocurrency tokens and lets them purchase the desired tokens on their behalf. The only fee ChangeNOW charges are 0.5%, which is added on to the exchange rate. 

What are the key features of ChangeNOW?

The fact that users do not have to create an account or a profile with ChangeNOW makes it not only easy to use, but also protects the personal data of the users. ChangeNOW also offers the flexibility of depositing either cryptocurrencies or fiat money by using a Visa or MasterCard. Finally, ChangeNOW des the hard work of finding the best exchange rate amongst the existing cryptocurrency exchanges, which not only ensures that users get the best value for money but also save time on researching the rates themselves. 

Token details


PRE-ICO PRICE: 1 NOW = 0.2 $ 

PRICE: 1 NOW = 0.2 $ 


AIRDROP START DATE: 28th May 2018 


HARD CAP: $40,000000

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