Cryptocurrency jewelry

One of the first art forms to incorporate cryptocurrency was jewelry. BTC Jewellery is a Japanese company that manufactures everything including rings, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. The jewelry often features words that relate to the cryptocurrency community. Earrings can have the Bitcoin logo on it, along with the word ‘HODL’. Some rings have the name Satoshi on them, to pay homage to the founder of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency graffiti

Given the appeal of cryptocurrencies to a young and hip audience, it is no surprise that there is a growing community of cryptocurrency graffiti artists. The art form has often been used to make political statements, some reasonable, some radical. The emergence of cryptocurrency is nothing short of revolutionary, and so it makes perfect sense for graffiti artists to be inspired by the digital currencies. It is not only Bitcoin murals that can be found scattered around the world’s cities. Some artists have also begun to accept cryptocurrency donations for their work. One of them, PBOY, has come up with a particularly innovative way of doing this. By painting QR codes, admirers of his work can simply scan it in order to send him some cryptocurrency tokens from their wallet.

Cryptocurrency miniatures

Miniature figures can also be found in the world of cryptocurrency art. Although physical coins representing the major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple have been made, bobbleheads are more fun. A company called moonstüff is specializing in miniatures and collectibles. Some of their bobblehead miniature figures are modeled after well-known personalities in the cryptocurrency community. Among the people represented is Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, and Carlos Matos.

Conceptual cryptocurrency art

One of the more conceptual artists like Kevin Abosch has taken cryptocurrency art to a whole new level. In addition to being an interesting artist, Abosch is also a great marketer. He managed to take a photograph of a potato and sell it for no less than 1 million Euros. Abosch has now launched a new project called IAMACoin. As the name implies, Abosch aims to become one with cryptocurrency. The project involves the creation of ten million cryptocurrency tokens. Each of the tokens will be a piece of art in itself. Abosch also stamps all of these tokens with his own blood, just to make it that much more personal. The artist has issued a statement that explains his project in more detail:

“We come into the world like newly minted coins — perfect and priceless. Yet we are constantly being ascribed a value. The most unfortunate are deemed “worthless” by those who exploit human currency.  At times life may seem reduced to the transactional. I often have difficulty discerning where I end and the person before me begins, while photographing my various subjects. A sense of oneness staves off the call to market.  If I could only bleed for the blockchain, its ledger, for all to see, would reveal that I am a coin. This project consists of an edition of 100 physical works whose meaningful existence is predicated by the existence of the virtual works. Through my blood, a blockchain contract-address and ten million divisible crypto-tokens, the very nature of value shall be redefined.”


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