Cryptocurrency Night Club Opens In Vegas

The world’s first cryptocurrency nightclub has opened its doors in Las Vegas. MORE Las Vegas was opened in April this year, and the owner Peter Klamka is no stranger the club scene or cryptocurrency. His previous project was The Legends Room, which was a gentlemen’s club where the patrons could tip the dancers with Bitcoin tokens. At face value, MORE Las Vegas seems like an ordinary Las Vegas nightclub — if there indeed is such a thing. Patrons at MORE Las Vegas can order bottles of champagne worth a quarter million dollars, be served by glamorous cocktail waitresses in high heels, and take in the stunning view of the fountains outside the Bellagio whilst sipping on bubbles. There is only one major difference between MORE Las Vegas and other nightclubs. In order to get through the door, you have to own a certain amount of the nightclub’s own cryptocurrency.

Party-goers are unaffected by the volatile market

Despite the economic downturn for the cryptocurrency space in 2018, there are many interested and enthusiastic party-goers at the MORE Las Vegas nightclub. They seem to not care at all that Bitcoin and Ether have both tanked in the early months of the year. Neither do they seem concerned that many ICOs have been revealed to be scams that have cost investors a lot of money. The SEC has also delayed bringing about the much-anticipated Bitcoin ETF — but nothing can stop the patrons of MORE from going. The reason for this is that people who are investing wisely in the cryptocurrency market are still making enough money to buy Lambos. Just like cryptocurrency tokens, cryptocurrency traders come and go. But the ones who are successful have every reason to party the night away at places like MORE.

What is the MORE token?

Much like the development teams behind various ICOs, Klamka has launched his own cryptocurrency token to go with his nightclub. Just like most ICO tokens, the MORE token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network. As such, it can be used or traded with any merchant or exchange that accepts the MORE token. One of the cryptocurrency exchanges that trade in the MORE token is Bittrex. Incidentally, the MORE token also functions as a membership fee for the nightclub’s patrons. People need to hold a total of 5,000 MORE tokens in order to become members of MORE Las Vegas. Naturally, the MORE tokens can be spent in the nightclub, and Klamka has expressed that MORE is the intersection of blockchain technology and the real world. The MORE token is not worth a whole lot at present, however. On Bittrex it currently trades at $0.15 per MORE token and only $201 worth of the tokens are being traded on a daily basis.

The only way is up

Klamka has a lot of plans for MORE Las Vegas. The membership currently counts over 1,500 patrons. He also wants to open a MORE Miami and other locations across the United States. It will be exciting to see the cryptocurrency nightclub chain spread to Europe and the rest of the world.



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