How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Spending Money

How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Spending Money

There are many ways to skin a cat and equally many ways to earn cryptocurrency tokens. You could, of course, invest in an ICO and hope that the symbols go up in value. You could also trade some fiat money for tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange and have a go at trading. These methods require some capital to get started with, however. Fortunately, there are ways for you to earn tokens without having to spend any money up front. All you have to invest is your time and a bit of work. Have a look at these four ways you can earn cryptocurrency tokens.

#1 – Forum Signature Campaigns

Coin creators are often running promotional campaigns on cryptocurrency forums. This is an excellent opportunity to earn cryptocurrency tokens in return for helping the creators promote their token. You will be able to find forum signature campaigns if you browse forums like BitcoinTalk. This is a great way not only to earn some digital cash but also learn more about the world of cryptocurrency. Participating in a forum signature campaign will require you to read up on various tokens and then relay the information you’ve learned.

#2 – NEO’s GAS Generation

One of the tokens you can earn from participating in a forum signature campaign is NEO. Once you have NEO tokens, you can move them to a digital wallet to start earning GAS tokens. GAS is a token developed by the creators of NEO and is a way of thanking holders of their token. See it like earning loyalty points for shopping in the same grocery store.

#3 – Bounties

Bounties emerged as a great way to earn cryptocurrency tokens since ICOs have become more popular. The people launching an ICO will usually offer bounties, which are small payments of their token, to people willing to help them promote the ICO. These tasks typically include joining their Telegram group and help them support the ICO on social media. You can earn quite a bit of money by just working a few hours every week.

#4 – Airdrops

In addition to natural bounties, networks like Ethereum will offer regular airdrops. To benefit from airdrops, you will need the appropriate digital wallet. If you pay attention to when the airdrops happen, which can be as often as daily, you will be able to watch the tokens trickle into your wallet without any work. If you combine this method with bounties and forum signature campaigns, you could a very decent side-income.

Remember to watch out for volatility

Using these four methods is a great way to earn cryptocurrency tokens. You should, however, keep a close eye on the value of the token in question. Many ICOs are successful and see a considerable rise in the value of their tokens. But there are also ICOs that aren’t, and their tokens become worthless. If you are unsure about the future of a token you’re earning from bounties and airdrops, exchange it for a more stable token on a cryptocurrency exchange. That way you retain the value of your hard work even if the original token you worked for drops in value.


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