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Are you also annoyed by online ads? Do they pop up when you least expect it and interfere with whatever you were trying to do online? Do the overlays prevent you from clicking on the things you really wanted to know more about? You are not alone. Everyone browsing the Internet has for the reasons cited above decided to install an ad-blocker to keep the intrusive ads at bay. But imagine a world where you would not have to avoid the ads. Imagine that you would actually be excited about ads because you would be getting paid for watching them. Welcome to Howdoo uDoo.

What is Howdoo uDoo?

Essentially, Howdoo uDoo is a social media platform like any other. Except it is not like any other. It is based on blockchain technology, and it incentivizes users to engage with sponsored content. A bit different from the world today, in which you log onto Facebook and are bombarded with ads that you do not get paid to engage with. As a matter of fact, you are the only person that does not make money from the ads you watch. Facebook makes money from selling your data to the merchants, and the merchants make money from advertising their products and making sales. You get… nothing. But with Howdoo uDoo, you could.

How does it work?

The concept behind Howdoo uDoo is simple. Users assign a value to the number of ads they want to engage with and get paid accordingly. Depending on how much they engage with the social media platform in general, they have opportunities to increase this reward. This works in everyone’s favor. Consumers get to choose how much and when to engage with advertisements, as well as choose a kind that is relevant to them. marketers, on the other hand, get to spend their advertising money in a more efficient way, as they will only be paying for ads that are being shown to an audience that is willing to engage.

What is the main aim of Howdoo uDoo?

The team behind the social media platform wants to create a space where individuals are able to have complete over their own data, unlike the current social media platforms. They want to create a benefit for both social media users and advertisers, so both parties get the best possible experience from their online interactions and marketing efforts. They also want to hand over the powers of regulation to the social media users, rather than having a community guideline team censor and control what is being posted online. Finally, they want to reward the content creators for doing what they do best: create content.

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PRE-ICO PRICE: 1 uDoo = 0.08 USD

PRICE: 1 ETH = 6,425 uDoo

PLATFORM: Ethereum



HARD CAP: 25,000,000 USD

COUNTRY: Cayman Islands


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Visit the website HERE

Read the white paper HERE


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