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HumanCoin ICO Review

Much of the focus in the world of cryptocurrency is on buying, selling, trading, and exchanging to make a profit. The drive for profit is what drives many organizations, but not all. Charities and philanthropic projects of all kinds have admirable goals, but often lack the resources the big businesses can draw on. For this reason, they have a harder time adapting to new emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies.

Bigger charities that have a global reach and numerous large donors may be in a position to accept cryptocurrency as donations, but smaller charities will not have this competitive edge. Being unable to accept cryptocurrency donations will further reduce the competitiveness of smaller charities, which is a shame as their goals are as admirable as those of the larger charities. Fortunately, the team behind HumanCoin is working on a solution to this issue.

What is HumanCoin?

HumanCoin is a project that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to create a comprehensive platform that offers much more than the opportunity to donate cryptocurrency to a charity. Rather, HumanCoin aims to create an environment in which donors and recipients can communicate directly with each other. This not only helps build more trust between both parties but also creates an unprecedented transparency. Donors will be able to keep an eye on where their money goes and what they are being used for. Charities will be able to receive donations safely and securely and be in constant communication with their donors.  Additionally, the platform will also incorporate e-commerce loyalty programs that everyone can benefit from.

How does HumanCoin work?

Once users are signed up to the HumanCoin platform, they will be presented with an array of different charities they can donate to. The native currency on the platform is the HUMA token, so donors will have their donations converted into HUMA tokens. Once a charity has been selected by the donor, they can then choose the amount of HUMA tokens they want to donate. Once a charity and a donation amount have been selected, a smart contract will be created between the donor and the charity. The HumanCoin platform uses Ethereums network for this. This smart contract will make the agreement between the two parties completely secure and transparent.

What are the key features of HumanCoin?

Usually, the process of donating to a charity can involve a string of intermediaries and middlemen, which not only delays the process but also incurs costs. This means that charities will often not receive the full amount the donors sent. HumanCoin solves this issue by eliminating the intermediaries. Not only will donors and charities be in direct contact, the usage of the platform will also be incentivized by the incorporation of e-commerce loyalty programs.

Token details


PLATFORM: Ethereum 


TOTAL SUPPLY: 3,055,000,000 HUMA 

PRICE: 1 HUMA = 0.01 

BONUS: Available


PRE ICO START DATE: 06/01/2018

PRE ICO END DATE: 15/09/2018

SOFT CAP: $6,000,000 

HARD CAP: $26,000,000

ICO START DATE: 15/09/2018

ICO END DATE: 01/11/2018 

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