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Monvid ICO Review

We live in a world where information and content have never been closer to our fingertips, and yet we see a never-ending string of regulations being imposed on what we can access. Whether it is self-imposed censorship on content platforms or government-imposed regulations, the Internet is not as free as it could be. When it comes to video platforms, certain content is accessible in one country but not another. This is particularly frustrating if you have paid for a subscription service, and are unable to get what you pay for due to local restrictions. The content on Netflix US is different from that on Netflix in Europe, for example. Even VPN (virtual private network) connections cannot help users bypass the restrictions. So what can be done? Monvid is an exciting new project that offers a solution to these issues.

What is Monvid?

The concept of Monvid was conceived in order to address the issues outlined above. The team behind Monvid wants to create a platform that allows users to bypass all the restrictions and access their preferred content from anywhere in the world. Creating a decentralized platform by using blockchain technology is a great way to go about this, and the project also promises to cut costs and time for both producers and consumers.

How does Monvid work?

As with platforms like YouTube, Monvid will operate on a peer-to-peer video sharing system, which allows users to upload and share their own content. Other users can then access and view this content free of charge. However, they can choose to reward content created with donations, similar to YouTube creator who make use of Patreon for donations. The content creator will then receive the platform’s native MVD tokens as their reward.

What other problems does Monvid solve?

Other key issues raised by the team behind Monvid include the rapid technological progress we are seeing, especially in the world of video content. With content going from being produced in SD, to HD, to UHD, to 4K and 5K, viewers’ hardware and internet connections will have to be correspondingly upgraded. Although many, if not most, people in the Western world have access to this kind of hardware and internet connection, it is not always the case in the rest of the world. Monvid will offer these viewers more flexibility in terms of the quality of video they can watch. Another issue raised by Monvid is the requirement of current platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to pay for subscriptions with a credit/debit card or PayPal (which requires you to link a bank account). Not everyone in the world will have access to a bank account, and get by using cash only. By offering these people a free service, Monvid will be able to reach a much broader audience.

Token details

HARD CAP: $5.000.000
SOFT CAP: $500.000
FOR SALE: 200.000.000 MVD

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