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Whether you want to check the weather, the news, your social media, or shop for something online, chances are you’ll be using one of the popular Internet browsers: Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. There is a reason these browsers are popular – they do the job. But there are a few issues that have become a growing concern, and these are your privacy as an Internet user and any potential malicious ads you may come across.

Who collects your data?

By now it is an open secret that pretty much everyone collects and sells your data when you are using the Internet. Facebook keeps tabs on what you like, who you speak to, and even what you search for when you have left Facebook. Likewise, Google collects information on all your searches and knows about the videos you watch on YouTube. Amazon knows what you have purchased, what you have looked at, and what your approximate budget is. Whilst this is done with the intention of getting to know you better so your online experience can be improved, it is not something you can opt out of.

Is your browsing safe?

The above companies are of course well-known and legitimate, but not all websites you come across will be. Some will be phishing, sending spam, installing malware and spyware on your computer and, worst of all, viruses. The browsers are not able to protect you from these things.

What about the ads?

One of the reasons your data is collected is to sell you something. But that is just one way of marketing. You will undoubtedly also come across pop-up ads, banners, sponsored posts, and many more attempts to get you to buy something. What if there was a way to get rid of this?

What is

Using blockchain technology, is a project dedicated to solving all the above problems. As with all blockchain-based projects, your data as a user will be your own. Installing the browser extension will put a stop to the tracking of your searches, the collection of your data, and the incessant advertisements. It will also make browsing faster, as your processing power is not eaten up by all the extra ads and trackers.

What are the tokens for?

The tokens will be used to reward website owners for creating good content. They will be awarded based on how many people visit a website, how long they stay on it, and how much they engage with and share the content.

Token details for


PRICE: 1 OIO = 0.04 USD

BONUS: Available

BOUNTY: Available

PLATFORM: Ethereum


SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 USD

HARD CAP: 50,000,000 USD

COUNTRY: Romania

RESTRICTED AREAS: USA, China, Singapore, North Korea

June 15th — June 19th — 25% Bonus

June 20th — June 24th — 20% Bonus

June 25th — June 29th — 15% Bonus

June 30th — July 4th — 10% Bonus

July 5th — July 9th — 5% Bonus

July 10th — July 31st — No Bonus

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