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The challenge with starting a business  

It takes money to make money, or so the saying goes.

In other words, it is often very difficult to create something of value out of thin air. A business needs resources to fuel the ideas.

Otherwise, they will remain just that: ideas.

The issues facing most entrepreneurs is not a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of funding to turn those ideas into reality.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to stumble across an angel investor, and getting a loan from a bank is not always easy.

There are many entrepreneurs with great ideas vying for the attention of financial institutions, so competition for the funds that are available is fierce.

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, has helped level the playing field.

With the emergence of the global cryptocurrency market, entrepreneurs of all kinds now have access to a whole new untapped source of funding for their projects.

For the average consumer, this means broadened access to the technology of the future.

What does SprintX do?

SprintX is a project aiming to facilitate the process of fund-raising for entrepreneurs.

By creating a blockchain platform where they can develop and present their ideas, SprintX will open up new avenues for the most forward-thinking visionaries.

At the same time, users will have access to the SwitchX cryptocurrency exchange, which will keep everything in one place.

SwitchX will also have the added bonus of giving users credit card access, so they can convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat money, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the platform features hot and cold wallets, adaptability to forks, and assimilation to Airdrop.

SprintX will be very user-friendly and will allow its users to create their own smart contracts for maximum flexibility and control.

Finally, the platform will use the tried and tested Ethereum blockchain technology for maximum security.

How does it work?

Once an entrepreneur has generated a business idea, they will be able to create smart contracts on the SprintX platform by using Ethereum blockchain technology.

Then, tokens unique to the business will be created by the platform, and the ICO will be launched.

These tokens will then automatically be added to the SwitchX cryptocurrency exchange, and the value of the tokens will be determined by the exchange system.

Users will be equipped with a digital wallet that can hold multiple kinds of cryptocurrencies.

This wallet will be integrated with their bank account, so they can convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat money in addition to other cryptocurrencies.

Have a look at the details below to learn more about the SPTX tokens.


Token: SPTX

PreICO Price: 1 SPTX = 0.45 USD

Price: 1 SPTX = 0.45 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Minimum investment: 0.50 ETH

Soft cap: 18,000 ETH

Hard cap: 200,000 ETH

Available for sale: 909,950,000 SPTX

Total supply: 2,600,000,000 SPTX

Country: Switzerland

Restricted areas: USA, Canada, China, Singapore

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Check out the website HERE.

Check out the white paper HERE.

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