Tempo, Opera, and PornHub To Handle Crypto-Payments

Tempo Money Transfer allows for cryptocurrency exchange

Tempo Money Transfer is, as the name suggests, a company primarily concerned with transferring money overseas. Users can use their app to send money hassle-free or use one of the over 300 physical stores to do so over the counter. Now, however, the company is branching out to cover a string of cryptocurrencies as well. This is excellent news for holders of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, who are always faced with the issue of not being able to convert their digital tokens to fiat money. Although Bitcoin ATMs exist in select locations, these machines tend to charge the users large fees for withdrawing fiat money. The Tempo app and stores will now allow users to not only purchase tokens like Bitcoin, Stellar, and Mobius, but also quickly and easily convert their existing tokens to cash. Tempo also plans to release Visa and Mastercards backed by the Stellar blockchain network. Finally, the company is involved with the Euro-backed stablecoin EURT and will use this as a guarantee for the users of the Tempo app.

Ether is set to rise from the ashes

2018 has not been a good year for the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. Ether has lost around 70% of its value since January of this year. Wall Street analysts, however, now predict that Ether will see a comeback towards the end of the year. The reason for this dip could perhaps be the main difference between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks. While Bitcoin gives users access to a global financial system, Ethereum gives their users access to a computer network. This is one of the reasons Ether has been labeled a utility token, rather than a cryptocurrency per se.

PornHub users are not yet paying with cryptocurrency

The world’s most popular adult website PornHub announced in April that they would begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from their users. Less than 1% of PornHub’s users have adopted the new method of payment. There are a few good reasons for this lack of interest in using digital tokens as payment. PornHub has not yet begun accepting the significant tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple. The reason for this is that the company policy is only to take cryptocurrencies that guarantee the user’s anonymity. So far, just Verge and ZenCash have met those criteria. However, PornHub has also allowed users to pay with TRON, which makes no promise of anonymity. The company claims that this is due to “flexible billing options” provided by TRON. 2019 will see the popular website adopt PumaPay as an additional method of payment. For the new payment method to catch on, however, PornHub will most likely have to begin accepting the significant tokens.

Opera Labs is launched for desktops

The popular web browser Opera will be starting the latest version of Opera Labs, which will include a wallet for Ethereum tokens. Opera is the first browser in the world to have offered the incorporation of cryptocurrency, which goes hand in hand nicely with the company’s focus on privacy and security.


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