The Beauty Industry Goes Crypto

The Beauty Industry Goes Crypto

The beauty industry is getting involved with cryptocurrency. Two new beauty platforms have begun incentivizing their users to participate in product surveys and submit their data in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens.

The plan is to create a closer relationship between beauty companies and their customers. Users will not only help the companies improve their products, but they also receive tokens they can spend on said products.

Today we’re going to have a look at OpuLabs and Perfect365 to see what their platforms are doing to incorporate cryptocurrency tokens.

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Opu Labs Reward Users With OpuCoins

The South-East Asian blockchain platform Opu Labs opened in April this year and is already a favorite among dermatologists, beauty product manufacturers, and their customers.

The premise of the platform is pretty straightforward. Users of beauty products sign up to the platform where Opu Labs offers them the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency tokens. Users can earn OpuCoins by submitting images of their faces, which is then analyzed using artificial intelligence. The data produced by the analysis is then sent on to dermatologists who use it for their research.

Opu Labs also offer users to earn OpuCoins by participating in beauty product surveys. The data from these surveys is then passed on to manufacturers of beauty products so they can improve their range.

The platform continues a popular trend of putting users in complete control of their data and incentivizing them to share their data by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. Users will eventually be able to use their OpuCoins to purchase beauty products.  

Although the rewards are currently quite small, the plan is to invite users to participate in product tests, which can earn them more significant rewards.

The concept has quickly become very popular across the world, and Opus Labs already have 120,000 users from 180 different countries.

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Perfect365 Partners With Kin Token To Incentivize Users

Perfect365 is a platform that takes a slightly more commercial approach when combining beauty products and cryptocurrency. The premise of Perfect365 is to allow users to try beauty products before they buy. Users upload a high-resolution photo of themselves to the platform, and can then select various beauty products they want to apply to the image of their face.

This method allows them to get a rough understanding of how the particular product would look on them. This method is far more efficient than advertising a product using a model since not all users will have the same skin tone as the model.

Perfect365 encourages users to share their makeup looks to their personal social media profiles. Not only will the users get a useful tool to guide their purchases, but the companies behind the products will get free marketing.

Perfect365 has already partnered with a series of well-known beauty and fashion brands like NYX, Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent. The platform has recently partnered with the creators of the Kin cryptocurrency token.

Users interested in completing beauty product surveys on Perfect365 can earn Kin tokens, which they can then spend on various in-app activities.


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