UHive – A New Era of Social Networking

What is UHive?

For fans of The Matrix and Black Mirror will love this ICO, which promises to merge social media with virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

UHive will be the first mobile-based social networking platform that allows users to move around in a physical space, augmented by VA and controlled by AI.

For anyone who enjoys the current VR technology, UHive will take it to the next level by allowing them to use VR to interact with their family and friends in a whole new way.

For anyone who spends a lot of their time on social media, UHive will augment that experience and let them share moments with their network like never before.

Because of the incorporated AI technology, UHive promises an infinite space in which users can move around and interact with objects as well as other people.

In effect, it will be like entering an alternate dimension, where anything is possible – even creating your own spaces. The physical dimensions users will have on the network will be like a VR social media profile. The more users engage with the network, and the more is spent using the UHive app, the more valuable and attractive their space will become.  The team behind UHive also mentions how this will open up a whole new avenue for marketing.

Having your space near an attractive and valuable space that receives a lot of traffic from other users will lead more traffic to your space.

To make it even more interesting, UHive will offer its users access to two very different experiences: the Civilized World and the Grey World.

The Civilized World and The Grey World

By using VR gear, users are able to explore the Civilized World and the Grey World. Here, they are able to

The Civilised World will be a mirror image of the real world, where user identities are real – just like on Facebook.

This world will be the main place where users can interact with their social networks, like friends and family.

Much like on current social networks, users have their own space, can share photos and leave comments.

Because the Civilised World is populated by real user identities, certain rules and regulations will apply to using this space.

The Civilised World allows each user to have one profile.

The Grey World is different. As opposed to the Civilised World, this space is not mapped out, and not governed by the same rules.

Here, users are not only completely anonymous, but they are also able to create their own personalized space.

By using blockchain technology, this space will also be secure and decentralized. To ensure no one abuses the network, however, activities will still be monitored to prevent illegal activities.

The Grey World will allow users to have multiple profiles.

The HIVE Tokens

The HIVE Tokens will be used as the main currency on the UHive platform and will be awarded to users depending on how much they engage with the network.

Advertising on the platform will also be paid for by HIVE Tokens. As the social network grows, so does the value of the HIVE Tokens.


Token: HVE

PreICO Price: 1 HVE = 0.0015 USD

Price: 1 HVE = 0.003 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 54,000,000 USD

Total supply: 80 Billion

Pre-ICO Date: April 11th – April 30th

ICO Date: May 2nd – July 15th

Country: UK

Restricted areas: USA

More information

Check the website HERE.

Check the Telegram HERE

Check the White Paper HERE


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