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What treasures do you have lying around?

Whether you have a garage, loft, basement, or storage unit, chances are you have some valuable items lying around. It could be jewelry, baseball cards, sports trophies, antique furniture, fine art, or anything else that may be one man’s trash but another man’s treasure. You could, of course, get rid of all these things at a flea market or a car boot sale, but how do you know if you are getting the right amount of money for them?

How do you know how much they are worth?

Evaluating an item is a not always a straightforward task. Even if you get hold of an expert to evaluate your item, chances are that another expert will give you a different value. A pawn shop owner would probably offer you much less than what it is worth, as they have to make money too. So how do you know how much your item is worth? You could, of course, ask as many experts as possible and take the average from all the evaluations you are given. But that will take up a lot of time, and you probably have a job to do.

What is ViValid?

ViValid is an ICO project that wants to change the way you have your items evaluated. The platform will have a community of experts on various items, and you will be able to tap into their collective knowledge when you want to have an item evaluated. All you will have to do is to take a picture of your item and upload it to the platform. You pay a small fee for the valuation, and then a range of experts will be selected to appraise your item. ViValid also has a “Proof of Validation Protocol”, which will help ensure that the evaluation you receive is accurate.

How does it work?

As the ViValid platform is blockchain-based, all your data will be secure, and everything is decentralized. All the items being evaluated will also be recorded on the blockchain so that their history of ownership and their value is accessible to you as the owner. If you are an expert on certain items yourself, it is also possible to join the ViValid community of appraisers. There are five tiers of evaluators, and you will be promoted from the first to the subsequent tiers as you evaluate more and more items. The higher tier you are in, the more you will earn for every appraisal.

What about the tokens?

The ViValid platform uses ViV tokens, which you pay with to have your item evaluated, and those doing the valuation get paid in. Anyone who registers with ViValid will automatically be provided with a digital wallet to store their tokens in. However, ViValid does not require you to have any previous knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work. You can simply pay for your evaluation with PayPal or any credit card, and the payment will automatically be converted into ViV tokens.

Token details



PRICE: 1 ETH = 1,800 ViV

BONUS: Available

BOUNTY: Available

PLATFORM: Ethereum



SOFT CAP: 4,100,000 USD

HARD CAP: 28,750,000 USD

COUNTRY: Estonia


Learn more

Visit the website HERE

Read the white paper HERE

Join the Telegram group HERE

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