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Few industries have benefitted from the invention of the Internet as much as the gambling industry. No longer confined to casinos, betting shops, and bars with slot machines, gamblers everywhere are relentlessly frequenting online gambling sites. No matter what you are interested in gambling or betting on, it can be found on the world wide web. Poker, roulette, slot machines, black jack, sports betting, political bets, you name it. It is no wonder then, as more and more developers are looking into blockchain technology, that there would be a blockchain-based gambling platform. Winstars is one of the gambling companies that are looking to move their business onto the blockchain, and aims to create a decentralized platform that rewards its users for engaging with the community.

What is Winstars?

One of the issues facin the gambling community is the lack of transparency offered by the gambling companies. Whilst many claim to offer complete transparency in their dealings, the reality is that few of them actually do.  As a result of this lack of transparency, many users of gambling sites have fallen victim to scams.  Winstars wants to challenge that status quo by providing their users with some much-needed transparency.  One of the ways in which Winstars aims to accomplish this is by integrating the smart contract technology into their gambling business.

A smart contract is also called a self-executing contract, a digital contract or a blockchain contract. The best analogy to describe a smart contract is to compare it to a vending machine. Put a coin in, and your product is automatically delivered instantly. A smart contract is thus a great way to ensure that both parties who have entered into an agreement fulfil their part of the deal. Winstars plans to use smart contracts to ensure that users of their platform know how their money is being handled. This will also help avoid any scams taking place.

Another aspect of Winstars platform that will provide more transparency is the fact that every single game is being recorded on the blockchain. This means that all historical transactions can be checked to ensure that no one is being scammed. As a matter of fact, Winstars will do the opposite of scamming their users. They will randomly award tokens to users who engage with their platform, as a way of saying thanks and building trust and loyalty within the online gambling community. This creates a win-win situation, as users have more disposable tokens, and thus are incentivised to play more games on the platform.

How does it work?

The ecosystem Winstars is building will consist of investors, players, partners, and other token holders. The company aims to grow the platform rapidly by incentivizing people to bring others along with them to the platform. Using a referral system, investors and partners can thus earn money from having their friends, family, business partners, customers, and acquintances sign up to the platform. Winstars plan on awarding between 1% and 5% of the earnings, depending on how many people any given investor or partner bring onto the platform.

Token holders will be able to earn money in a different way. By holding their tokens, they will help maintain the platform itself, and Winstars will then award a percentage of the profits to token holders as a thanks for their help. The players are perhaps the most important part of the ecosystem Winstars is creating. Without them, there would be no platform, so it is in everyone’s interest to incentivize the players to play games as much as possible.

What about the tokens?

The native currency of the Winstars platform will be the WINS tokens. These are the tokens players will use to play games and place bets, as well as the currency in which investors and partners will be paid in for their referrals. Token holders will also be earning more tokens for their constribution to the platform. Naturally, users will be able to exchange WINS tokens for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat money by trading them on exhcanges.

Token Details:

Token: WINS
PreICO Price: 1 WINS = 0.16 USD
Price: 1 WINS = 0.20 USD
Bounty: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Pre-ICO soft cap: 500,000 USD
ICO Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Total token supply: 150.000.000 WINS Pre-ICO: 22.500.000 WINS ICO: 80.500.000 WINS
Country: Cyprus
Whitelist/KYC: None
Restricted areas: USA

Token distribution:

69% – Token sale
10% – Team
8% – Game fund
8% – Bounty & referrals
5% – Advisory board


Token pre-sale starts: May 10, 2018
Token pre-sale ends: May 20, 2018
Token sale starts: June 03, 2018
Token sale ends: July 03, 2018

Budget allocation:

40% – Platform Development
20% – Marketing
15% – Operational
15% – Referrals & Partners
10% – Reserves


Q1 2018 – Concept, the definition of technical implementation, presentation to partners
Q2 2018 – ICO, PR, platform development, platform’s test release
Q3 2018 – Platform launch with all needed licenses, optimization, listings on crypto exchanges
Q4 2018 – Poker room and casino mega launch, VR casino development
Q1 2019 – VR casino launch, a global conference to present all functionality
Q2 2019 – Tools for third-party developers, mobile apps

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